What to do with AF Nikkor 20mm f2.8 which has developed a haze?


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The lens was manufactured in 1998, I think. It's actually very lightly used but it has a definite haze. I imagine the cost of repairing it, which, I guess would involve replacing one or more elements, is greater than replacing it with a similar condition example. Any advice? I suppose I've been quite fortunate. Of all the Nikkors I own and have owned, this is the only one to go south.


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Looking on KEH camera, they have them in the Excellent to Excellent+ condition for between about $220 and $275. Not sure if it's the AF 20mm F2.8D, or the AF 20mm F2.8 model. You could call Nikon and see what an estimated repair cost would be, and then compare. I assume you have tried cleaning it, and the haze is internal. The other question is whether this is fungus growing on lens elements. There is a recent thread about this on the forum.


What camera(s) are you using it on?


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Clovis, the haze does appear to be internal and I confess I haven't tried cleaning the front and rear elements. I took at look at those elements and nothing jumped out at me, but now that I think of it. I suppose it is possible that the issue is external. I'll give it a go. I am/I was using this lens on a D850 and a D80.

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If the lens works fine and only has haze, the lens should be able to be taken apart and the lens elements cleaned. If Nikon won't do it, there are many camera repair centers worldwide that should be able to help. This is one used by Allen's Camera when I purchased a preowned Nikon 35mm body from them.