Weekly Challenge Oct 12 - Oct 18: Panorama


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"Panorama" - (Marilynne)'s Choice

A panorama of three (3) or more shots. It can be a vertical or horizontal panorama..
Let's see how creative you can be! Color, B&W, HDR...anything goes!

This early announcement of the topic is to give a little think time, before the challenge begins. Photos must be taken and submitted between 00:00 UTC of the start date and 23:59 UTC of the end date.

The Rules

1. Photos must be captured with a Nikon and appear in the thread with EXIF info in order to be considered for the challenge. If the forum EXIF viewer does not show for any reason, listing the camera and capture date/time below the photo is acceptable. Listing exposure info, lens & focal length is encouraged so others can learn.

2. Any photo submitted for a weekly challenge must be taken during the dates specified in the challenge thread.

3. Only one photo entry per member for each week, unless otherwise noted.

4. All regularly active members of Nikonites are allowed to participate, including moderators and administrators.


During the submission & like periods, please click the Thanks/Like button to vote for your favorite images. You can vote for as many as you want! At the end of the week, you will have the opportunity to vote again for the top 3 photos for this challenge!

There will be no cash or prizes awarded for the Weekly Photo Challenges, unless specifically noted by the site administrator.

Any photo will be accepted for the challenge. Edited or straight out of the camera, it does not matter. You are left with complete freedom to do whatever genre of photography you wish to do, and your own interpretation of the challenge subject.



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Date and time 10/14/2022 14:33pm 5 shots

Route 81 Fall 22.jpg

Z50 - 50mm focal length
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Bob Blaylock

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By their very nature, panoramas tend to be high-resolution, and need to be rendered in much higher than the 1K pixel resolution that this forum allows, to be properly viewed. The first instance, here, is stored on the Nikonites forum, as the rules require, and is cut down to Nikonites resolution. The second is on Flickr, and is at the full 9000×3600 pixel resolution. This was made from three shots. The middle shot was processed through Topaz Labs Sharpen AI to improve the cat.


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Ocean City Maryland. Up at dawn to take some pics of the sunrise. Found I wasn't the only one with that idea, so took the opportunity to make a panorama before getting to the water's edge. This is 6 shots, cropped in a bit for composition.

Ocean City Sunrise Pano (1 of 1).jpg


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Submission time is up. You now have a little less than 24 hours to like the photo(s) of your choice

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