Use a D7000 for livestream (clean hdmi out)


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I would like to use my Nikon d7000 for livestream.. But I cant get a clean HDMI output without all the menus and stuff..:mad: Does anyone have any solution?

​/ Simon


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From all I can find in the manual the HDMI output on the D7000 is only for viewing the photos and video shot to your card and not for live viewing. (pp. 193-4)


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I was looking for Clean HDMI and found that its available in 1.03 and while i searched for the firmware found 1.05 and updated my Camera and still seeing the icons on screen with 1.05, so do i need to downgrade to 1.03 to get this feature or please correct me or guide me to clean out the screen as i need to use my camera for live.


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Looks like you can downgrade from 1.05 to 1.03
but is not recommended, why ? , i dont know

The reason downgrades are generally not recommended is the the file is tested to upgrade the previous version and may not be tested for downgrade. The upgrade may add additional files and/or upgrade the firmware (think of firmware as the software running the board) by trying to downgrade some files may not be replace or removed leaving a potential for device failure. In some case a special boot procedure may required to downgrade, others a board replacement. If issues are know the information may be available from tech support or they may give a blanket don't downgrade. My years of experience upgrading and downgrading devices in the field is upgrade usually go well but downgrade can be iffy and never load software on a Friday afternoon.

PS My experience is not cameras related but the same principals apply.