Tips and info for photography at Walt Disney World


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I have been to Disney World several times and will be going again in the first of March so I thought I would list a few tips and bits of information for others going for their first time.
On Crop sensor camera most of your pictures will be taken between 18 and 40mm

On Full Frame most pictures will taken between 24 to 70mm
I have found little need for a longer lens. The exception might be the day you go on the safari ride in Animal Kingdom

The F2.8 version I highly recommend for crop or full frame for Indoor and nighttime photography

For my crop sensor camera I take my Sigma 17-50mm F2.8

For full frame I take my Tamron 24-70mm F2.8

Take extra charged up batteries and plenty of cleared memory cards

Shoot Raw or raw + fine JPEG files

I have found an external flash helpful as a fill flash

Crop sensor cameras and lenses are smaller and lighter than full frame

Full frame cameras and lenses are larger and heavier

Get some type of shoulder strap so your camera won’t be hanging on you neck all day. You will thank me for this tip.

Any of the Disney photographers will be glad to take a picture of you with your camera or cell phone at no charge

If you do ask someone to take a picture for you, have your camera ready to snap the picture, don’t expect them to be familiar with your camera.`

There are many angles looking at the castle that make for some very nice pictures that eliminate a lot of the people and
result in more interesting shots in addition to the one straight on from the front.

If you are wanting a shot with the monorail in it and miss it coming, remember that the front and rear look exactly the same
It will just look like it is headed in the opposite direction. You may want to take the photo with both ends to see which one you like better.

For the. Fireworks shots I use a tripod with ISO 100, a smaller Fstop such as F16, and a shutter from 8 to 10 seconds long.
The wider stops will produce Wide fuzzy light trails and the smaller stops will make the much more defined and detailed.
If 10 seconds give you too many bursts in each shot just shorten it to 6 or 8 seconds.

Remember this is a family vacation and NOT a photography job. Remember you are taking pictures to capture the memories
that you are having with family and friends.

Don't wait until you get down there to try and figure out how your equipment works, practice and know what you are doing BEFORE YOU GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!