Technical Service Advisories Z8

BF Hammer

Senior Member
Early adopters beware.

Actually that strap eyelet deal is frightening because Nikon has basically been using that setup on most camera bodies for years. One would think they had it figured out properly by this time. Seems they cut one corner too many to make the Z8 more affordable than the competition.

Fred Kingston

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Yup... They've been using that system for decades...They did something to change/weaken the anchor points on the frame. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Somebody tried to "fix it"

Patrick M

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For pro cameras, the bodies are metal and the lugs are thus part of the frame. The Z8 is not metal, and they used pins to hold the lugs to the frame. I read that the issue was with the glue, or lack of it.
But whatever, at least they’re making a monumental effort to fix it. Thats better than many companies where there have been product issues.


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Mine is on the list. I did a pull test or three. I contacted Nikon. They take your info and explain that they will send a shipping label when they open a slot. That should minimize the time in the service center.

I have a Small Rig L-Bracket that reinforces the left lug. I have a different way of connecting my strap to keep things secure. I cannot see anything unique about the mounts. They are the same as my Z6; looking at a photo of the metal subframe, it is clear that the mount is in the metal.

I believe this is like the lens mount. There have been a few failures, but Nikon does not want to take any chances. It seems better than how they handled the oil issue with the D600 or the problems that plagued the D750. They are being proactive now instead of fixing on failure.

I wish this had been Ided when the Z8 was in the repair center with the lens mount inspection.