Suggestions for using the Diopter (d5500)

Bad Hat

New member
I wear glasses and I am trying to get the best use out of the diopter....

I guess 1 method would be to take the exact same picture multiple times and only change the diopter settings...hope that is not the best answer.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

Fred Kingston

Senior Member
The diopter is for you to see the letters/numbers inside the viewfinder only. It doesn't affect the images you take. First decision is, are you going to take pictures with your eyeglasses ON or OFF? Then you simply adjust the diopter until the numbers in the viewfinder are clear.

BF Hammer

Senior Member
And if you are ignoring the indicators in the viewfinder, then just let autofocus do it's job and adjust the diopter for clear image in viewfinder. But as Fred says, it does not affect photos unless you keep manually focusing and don't notice the in-focus dot at the bottom of the viewfinder.