Shooting a Wedding - 70-200 on D750 or D500?


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Shooting a wedding soon for a friend. I have a D750 and a D500 and I'm planning to use my 70-200 and 24-70 lenses for the wedding.

Interested to hear what camera you would put the 70-200 on.

I was planning to use the 70-200 on the D500 for candid, longer range type shots and portraits (keeping the 24-70 on the D750 for the wider shots), Just wonder if I am missing out on the abilities of the 70-200 for portraits with the FX D750 if i do this.......

Anyone any thoughts?


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Use the 750.
Last wedding I attended had a very pricey photographer who shot the whole thing with a Canon FF w/35mm no flash
The extreme croppability of that rig meant no lens changes.