Regardless of setting, the shutter speed seems to be 1 second


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Hello. I just discovered this today. Regardless of the setting (M,A,S,P) the shutter speed seems to be 1 sec. The lens will focus. When I hold the shutter release, there's a moment before the shutter fires. I have turned the camera off. I have removed the battery. I have used the two-button reset. No difference. I'm open all suggestions to fix this problem.

Fred Kingston

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Sounds like you "Exposure Delay Mode" turned ON. When turned On, when you press the shutter, there's a (2sec) delay before the shutter actually fires. The timing is variable and is set as one of the options in "Exposure Delay Mode" menu setting.

The menu option should be somewhere in the "D" section of the "Custom Setting Menu" under "Shooting/display"...

It's been awhile since I used the D90, so I don't remember the exact menu number it under.

I just looked it up. Look at menu option D10
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Please let us know if Fred's answer worked. Thanks!

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The two button reset only resets the shooting menu (not all settings) so there must be some other setting that needs to be fixed. Let us know how Fred's suggestion turns out.