Post your Photographing the photographer.

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Someone snapped me snapping my dream car!


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I was Uncle Bob-ing at a friend's wedding and the lead shooter stepped right in with his d800 and snapped the shot after I did. I guess I must have been doing something right.



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i will post up the shots of inside (underneath) it tomorrow, i think i tried a shot looking down the wing also?


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@carguy She did a really good job.
My grandson is 7 and trying to get him into photography.
BUT RIGHT NOW ALL HE HAS on his mind is playing the different sports.

Thank you :)

My son has used my D40 a couple of times already. She actually had this framed up nicely with me to the left. I cropped it to use as my avatar on Google+ and Instagram I liked it so well :)


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Spoke with this lady. She's an old Canon shooter prior to digital. She wants to get back in to photography and her friends convinced her to get a D7000. I told her it was a good choice.
If I don't come up with any other colorful bokeh shots by the end of the month, I might use this.


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I glanced out of my 3rd floor office window yesterday, and I see 3 young photographers on a photo walk downtown. They started taking shots of this park bench that is in front of the Italian food restaurant across the street. As quickly as I could, I get my camera out and start trying to get a shot of them. (I didn't have time to switch lenses, so I had to try and snap them with the 50mm). One of the kids spots me in my window, and he whips up his camera and snaps me.

Granted, not a great shot, but I had to grab it.