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Robin W

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This is my first Bobolink that has let me get close enough for any kind of photo. I hope to eventually get a better one now that I know where they live.

Robin W

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This first photo is a Brown Cowbird. They are an unfortunate nuisance at my bird feeder. I wish they would stick with the cows. The second one is the female which appears to have a tick on her neck? I don't think a tick would get much out of a bird but that is out of my range of knowledge.

RD5_1894-Male Cowbird.jpg

RD5_1908-Female Cowbird.jpg


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After letting these pictures settle for a little while, I thought I'd try a different orientation on the great egret picture. I think I like it better. The "gator ramp" he is standing on gives some interest, as well as minimizing the dead background.

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