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Even easier - to adjust brush size, hit the [ for smaller and the ] for larger...the more you tap it the smaller/bigger the brush gets. :)


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If you are looking for the best Photoshop Tips and Tricks, then today we I am going to share with you the best tips and tricks for photoshop.

Here is the top tips and tricks:

  • Adjust screen brightness: IPS screens offer wide viewing angles and accurate color reproduction, but the screen brightness might need adjustment for optimal viewing. Ensure that your laptop's IPS screen brightness is set appropriately to avoid straining your eyes while working in Photoshop.
  • Enable Night Light or Blue Light Filter: Many laptops have built-in features like Night Light or Blue Light Filter that help reduce eye strain by adjusting the color temperature of the screen. Enabling this feature can be beneficial, especially during long Photoshop sessions on your IPS laptop screen.
  • Utilize color calibration tools: To ensure accurate color representation, it's important to calibrate your IPS laptop screen. Some laptops come with built-in calibration tools or color management software. Alternatively, you can use external hardware calibration tools to fine-tune your screen's color accuracy.
  • Consider external monitors for color critical work: While IPS screens on laptops offer good color accuracy, some professionals prefer working on larger external monitors for color-critical tasks. Connecting your laptop to a high-quality external IPS monitor can provide a more extensive color gamut and better precision during Photoshop editing.
  • Take advantage of viewing angles: IPS screens have wider viewing angles, allowing you to comfortably view your work from different positions. This feature comes in handy when collaborating with others or when you need to adjust your viewing angle for a better perspective on your Photoshop projects.
  • Use the correct color profile: Ensure that your IPS laptop screen is set to the appropriate color profile in your operating system settings. By selecting the correct color profile, you can achieve accurate color representation in Photoshop and ensure consistency across different devices.


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