North Nevada Rally...

Here are a few shots from the North Nevada Rally - held out in the middle of the desert, near the site of the annual Burning Man.


Rally Car departing hairpin, destination finish line


Into the hairpin a little hot


Keeping the lens on him as he heads toward me...


The beauty of Subaru Symmetrical NO-wheel drive, high-centered


View of the start line and the entire valley


First car coming up the hill climb


Twenty cars entered - one of seven to finish the entire two day event


Across the desert towards the finish line
Nice to see you posting again, EoI, Some really good captures. That dust flying really shows action and speed.

Thank you! I've been working on websites, organizing a fundraising event for the Red Cross Japan relief effort, working on other projects as time permits...
...and busy cleaning up after the puppy, after she chews up my pool cue case, shoes, boxes, and other things.


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busy cleaning up after the puppy, after she chews up my pool cue case, shoes, boxes, and other things.

Oh, yay! Nothing like a puppy! and they're worth all the trouble LOL. I know you had a great loss not too long ago. So nice for you to have this bouncing energy there!

Joseph Bautsch

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EOI, glad to see you back. Nice shot series of the Rally. So you're having fun with the puppy, and to think it's just getting started.
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Nice shots. I'm very familiar with the Nevada desert and it's silt dust beds. I like the shot of first car in the hill climb the best. :cool:


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Nice pics. Looks like a lot of fun shooting in the desert. Just want to say make sure you clean your cameras really good after being in that dust. Dust can get everywhere even if you think it can't. BTW, welcome back.
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Hey! Look who's back! :) Nice to see you again, EofI. Great shots of the car rally. I love action shots. Silvertip is right...........clean your camera and all the gear you used on this shoot!