Nikon WT-3 for D200


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Anyone out there using a Nikon WT-3 image wireless transmitter?
I heard you need to have Nikon control pro software as well?
Just wondered if anyone was using one and how it works, worth the money.


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Curt, I had looked into getting one for my D200 because I like shooting tethered in the studio, but decided not to because the reviews out there are mixed. Apparently it doesn't download as quickly as the usb --some report significant lag time. You may want to google it and read some of the reviews.

I had tried using the free software out there for tethered capture and it just seemed to be unpredictable especially with lightroom 3.2. So I went ahead and got the camera control pro which I'm happy with and have it set up so that it auto-imports into lightroom. From capture to download is pretty quick.

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Yea, I gues for now the wireless WT-3 is more of a USB I am sure is a much better way to go. Thanks for your input:).