Nikkor Z 28mm 2.8


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Hello! How's the performance of the 28mm 2.8 overall? Need a lens for weddings and events thats a bit more versatile than the 35mm which i find slighty tighter especially during the dance floor. Thanks in advance!

Fred Kingston

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I just sold one on eBay... It wasn't what I would call stellar... It's biggest PLUS is weight. incredibly light... incredibly plasticy too... I'm very gentle and protective of my gear. I sell my stuff after a decade as used like-new in the original packaging. I didn't think that lens was going to last. it has a plastic mount. It was reasonably fast and sharp, as expected...

The z 35mm 1.8 is $700 and the 28mm is $279.00 That's a serious price point for a Nikon lens which should raise a red flag for anyone that's used to Nikon quality. The 35 1.8S is one of the highest rated lenses DXOmark has ever tested...

I understand about the "tight" shooting in a Wedding crowd... Maybe look at the Nikkor 26mm 2.8 pancake lens??? You can get a Like-New in Box from w/warranty for $419


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What about a 24-70? If you can afford it, the F2.8 version is supposed to be top notch. I have the F4 and find it to be an excellent performing lens. While I'm sure the extra speed of the F2.8 would be a plus in many situations, I'm sure you could deal with the extra stop of light required with the slower lens. Both are S line lenses. The 28mm F2.8 is not.

I would think a normal zoom would be very handy in shooting weddings. FYI, I've only shot one and that was a case of me doing it for a friend, or folks with Instamatics being the only record. Yes, that was a long time ago. Anyway, if things are tight, the 24-70 would give you that bit extra at it's widest over a 28mm, but would also allow you to zoom in to 28 or 35, or whatever you needed without moving the camera position.

If you already have one of the two, I would think you would be covered.