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So, I'm not sure if I got a deal on this or not:
D200 (duh)
2GB CF card
3 Nikon EN-EL3e's and single charger
Quantaray 28mm-80mm D Lense
All the assorted pamphlets that come with it
Original AV-cable still in it's plastic
Spent $145

Here's where I think the deal dies:
Shutter count is just over 93k
Body seems to be in great overall condition (missing the cover for the 10 pin and flash sync)

Moab Man

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For the money, and understanding you're buying very old tech, it's not a bad deal for something to learn on. If you don't love it then it's not a big loss versus buying a $500+ kit.


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it is a starting point at a sensible price and the 10.2 mp sensor should deliver some images you will be happy with providing you do not push the ISO too high.
Your point to watch is the shutter count as the D200 had an expected shutter life of 100k so you are not far off that however, for an APS-C camera that was at the time classed as an enthusiast / semi-pro tool it should allow you to get a feel for Nikon digital cameras before investing more more money in a modern model.
Good luck with the camera and I hope you enjoy using it.