New Generative Fill in PS Beta is a gamechanger...


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So I am not a big photoshop user - in fact it would be more correct if it was said I rarely - if ever - use photoshop at all.

If I do ever have to venture into the PS world it is because the Healing brush in LR is struggling to remove something. For the last few versions, I would use the Content Aware Fill function, that is about as far as my PS knowledge goes...

I have the new Beta version - and tried it for the first time today... Typical dress throw image - which in previous versions I would use the content aware fill function to remove the thrower as best I could- then crop to get rid of any noise that to me was obvious...

This time - circle my friend who I don't want to see and my prompt was "remove person" that was it. Nothing more.

I must say I am pretty astounded at the results.