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Hi all! My name is Kathy, I'm from Tennesses and I'm a fellow Nikon lover! I have a D200 and have been shooting for about 3 years. I love shooting people, places and things, and I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my new love....whether to keep it as a hobby or to try my hand at a making it a business. I'm a mom and grandma and wife and recently "semi-retired" from hospital work after 30+ years. I'm excited to find this forum!!! :) I've been hanging around a Canon forum for a long time but they can't help much with my Nikon questions.


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Welcome to the forum. We have plenty of people with lots of experience here to help you with your problems when they come up. We have a good time here.

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Hi Kathy and welcome to the Nikonites Community. Whatever questions you may have, ask. There are people here that probably can answer it. Everyone is friendly and responsive to your needs.

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Welcome Kathy - I hope you pursue your passion wherever it takes you. Here is a wonderful community to help support you with answers, tips and advice in pursuing your passion.

I hope to see some of your images soon.



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Hi, Kathy, and welcome to the forum. This is a great place with lots of friendly and bright people. As far as deciding whether "hobby" or "business", you can do both. Just shoot a lot of pics and experiment and you'll know when you're ready for a business. Best of luck to you and happy shooting!

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Welcome, fellow D200 owner! :) There are few of us here, but all are enthusiastic Nikon owners, willing and able to help and share whenever it is needed. I'm probably the biggest fan of the D200 as I find it one of the most versatile cameras out there. Too bad it's no longer on the market. I'll never understand why some manufacturers discontinue certain models just because of improvements in the technology. That would be like General Motors just making Cadillacs and stop making Impalas. Obviously one is better than the other, but there is still a market for the latter. Such is the mystery of marketing. :) Anyway.....welcome, and enjoy the site. Looking forward to seeing some of your work.