Mike D90's Project 365 2014

Mike D90

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Ohhh boy. What have I gotten myself into! Gonna give this a shot. I start tomorrow (I am in the USA time zone) and I have the day off work so at least my first day will bring some photos!


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You can so do this Mike!!

I'm about to post the last three photos of my Project 365 for 2013. I learned SO MUCH doing this. I shot just over 10,000 photos, each and every one was a learning experience. (Hey! My first 10,000 photos are my worse ones! I'm over the hump!!) I can confidently say I have three tenths of a clue about what I'm doing when I pick up my camera now. This goes hand in hand with the old adage, "The more you learn, the less you know."

Your first 180 days: No problem!
Your second 180 days: OH MAN... Grueling!
Your last 5 days: AWESOME!!

I've been through taking hours to setup a shot, to OMG I have the flu here's a quick photo of my shoe, all the way to I forgot to take a photo with my Nikon, but I took one with my cell phone and it saved me! (This last one was a couple days ago actually... HA!)

When it's all over, you'll step back and go, "Wow! I can almost take a good photo without thinking about it now!" (Well, that's what I'm thinking anyway... You already take awesome photos!)

But above all, have fun with it!! It'll all be over before you know what happened!


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Yes, You CAN do this! Welcome, and good luck!


Mike D90

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Day #1

I got out earlier today even though it was over cast and raining the entire time I was out. I came home with wet shoes and socks, chilled and damp from the rain.

I came home with two other things as well.

First, I am so disheartened, sickened, disappointed and angry that people, some who claim to enjoy and love the out doors, can trash a beautiful and natural place like it was a dump site. I saw so much beauty destroyed by litter, beer cans and shotgun shells. It was just unbelievable.

Second, I came home so satisfied with being out today. I got some of my finest shots to date, found several new places to find wildlife and birds where I can get close and I saw my Holy grail of birds. The American Bald Eagle.

Sea Gulls in Flight

Sea Gull 5.jpg

Sea Gull 3.jpg

Sea Gull 4.jpg

Red Shouldered Hawk

Hawk 2.jpg

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle 1.jpg
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One word. Wow...

And I'm with ya on the disrespectful idiots of the world. It's not so hard to find a trash can, but so many folks just don't give a *family edit* rip these days.


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Nice shots.

I'm with you 100% on shaking my head at people's ignorance in nature. There's a trail I often walk that sees a lot of dog walkers. I can't tell you the number of times I've found bags of dog crap stuck in the donation box at the trailhead, or tossed inside cages meant to protect newly planted trees (Rutgers University has set up an arboretum where every tree native to NJ will be planted). And then there's the stuff you find in the woods. "Nature lovers"? I think not.

Mike D90

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Great start Mike. The Bald Eagle in flight is one of the best BIF shots I've seen posted on the forum.

You must be kidding! I thought that was the worst photo I took of all the images I got yesterday. It was underexposed, lacking in detail, the bird was almost pointed in the wrong direction and wasn't sharp till poured a bucket of Sharpening Liquid on it.

I was only happy with it because I managed to spray a bunch of shots off as he dove out of the tall tree and flying away from me! I am heading back there tomorrow and hopefully will see him again.

I need to better figure out my exposure compensation for shooting birds against a bright sky. Do I need to over expose or under expose if the sky is brighter than the bird?