July 2024 Monthly Assignment: Composition


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July Monthly Assignment: Composition (Cindy's Choice)

*Choose any subject you prefer, but to be considered, you must name the compositional tool you used*

A few examples are Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Framing, Symmetry, Golden Ratio, Selective Focus, and Patterns or Textures. However, there are other tools as well. You can even combine compositional elements and utilize more than one.


_10K8902 low res.jpg

Selective Focus

_DSC2260 low res.jpg

Leading Lines

_10K8070 low res.jpg

Leading Lines with the Rule of Thirds

_10K8066 low res.jpg


Let's get shooting! CREATIVITY/TECHNIQUE rules in this challenge, but there are a few guidelines:

1. Any photo submitted for a monthly assignment
must be taken using a Nikon Camera! All submissions must be taken during the month specified in the assignment thread and taken by YOU including all parts of composites!

2. If the EXIF does not show using a browser EXIF app, listing the camera and capture date/time below the photo is required. Listing exposure info, lens & focal length is encouraged so others can learn.

3. Other than that, it's all up to your interpretation of the theme. Any photo will be accepted, SOOC or edited, doesn't matter.

4. Photos must be posted in this thread to be considered. Links to photos will not be considered an entry (In other words, no Flikr, Photobucket, or similar links)

5. Only THREE entries per member for each assignment. Please post entries separately (1 photo per post) and number the entry. It is acceptable to delete a post and submit a new entry, replacing the image within a post is not.

6. Entries will be judged by the number of likes received.

7. The top 5 shots will be displayed in a separate thread and will be displayed in no particular order.

8. This is intended to be a FUN challenge. No critiques unless specifically asked. Also, please limit posts to just photos and brief descriptions/titles. Any comments/discussion should occur elsewhere, PLEASE.

As listed in other challenges, please note: NO CASH OR PRIZES will be awarded for this Monthly Assignment.


*To clarify time for start of the assignment, it is 0000 UTC/GMT the first day of the month (similar to the weekly challenges) and ends at 23:59 UTC/GMT the last day of the month.


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This assignment has already started. Let's see your compositions. :)