infrared pics on a D40/40x


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I've read somewhere and saw an image yesterday of an image taken on a D40 that I believe has not been converted! Will my wife's D40x take infrared images just with a filter on the front? My D90 won't!
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Hi Mark,

Here is one taken with IR filter on my D40. I don't know how different (or not!) the D40x is.



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I purchased a D40 for use with a IR filter and it works great, but ( and I am not 100% sure ) I think the D40X is a 10 MP camera as opposed to the D40 being a 6 MP camera and I dont think the 40X works as well for Infrared..( I know I tried it with my D90 and I had to use really long exposure times which for me made it not viable..

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I understand that this is a really old thread, but...what IR filter did you purchase for your D40?

This is a link that does an excellent job of simply explaining all the phases of IR Photography. LifePixel does IR camera conversions but they also make/sell IR filters.

I don't know what issues the previous poster may have had with his D90, but essentially any camera can work an IR filter... The biggest distinction between using a filter and a converted camera is that a filter will almost always require that you use a tripod, and the camera's metering and focus must all be done manually, while the converted camera allows the cameras meter and focus to function, which allows handheld shooting. Both require some amount of post-processing to achieve anything usable.