Horoscope Fish's Ultimate & Illustrated Guide to Posting Pics on Nikonites

Horoscope Fish

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Here's a tutorial on how to post your photos here on Nikonites. There are several ways to do this, and there are several option available to you so don't think this is the ONLY way to get this job done. This is just how I post photos here and I'm going to explain, briefly, some of the available options so you can take control of how your photos appear in your posts. Using this guide will ensure the photos EXIF data will display (assuming it's embedded in the photo to begin with). This tutorial DOES assume you possess rudimentary computer skills.

So... Let's get started.

Part One of Step-one is to resize the photo you want to post to 1,000 pixels on the long edge. Do that however you want using whatever software you want, but do this. Don't worry if you don't like this particular size, you'll have options later on; but resizing to 1,000 pixels on the long edge makes things easy to work with.

Part-two of Step One is to make sure you know where this (resized if necessary) file you want post is located on your computer. It doesn’t matter where that happens to be, but you DO need to know where the image file is so you can find it later.

Now open a new post, or reply to an existing post, on Nikonites. Go to the bottom right corner and click on the “Go Advanced” button; you’ll have more editing options using the advanced editor. As an example, I’m going to be posting an image of mine into to one of my own threads, but these details don’t really matter because the steps I’m showing you will be the same steps you use to post a photo regardless of what thread you’re posting in.

Once you have a new message dialog box open, click on the “Insert Image” button:

Posting #1.jpg

At this point the “Insert Image” dialog box will open. There are two tabs at the top of this dialog box: one is “From Computer” and the other is “From URL”; click on “From Computer”.

Continue by clicking on the “Select File” button at the bottom of the dialog box.

Posting #2.jpg

Clicking on “Select Files” will open another dialog box. From here, you are going to navigate to where the photo you want to post is located. If you followed Part Two of Step One like I told you, this shouldn’t be a problem.

In this example there’s a photo of a Peanut Butter Fish located in the “Aquarium” sub-folder of the “Pictures” folder on my computer but your particular photo could be anywhere on your computer.

Posting #3.jpg

Once you have a photo selected, clicking on the “Open” button will return you to the “Insert Image” dialog box where you will see the filename of the photo you selected to upload. If this looks good, click on the “Upload File(s)” button:


Once the upload completes you will be returned to your New Message dialog box where you will see one of two things. Either you will see a very small version of your photo, or you will see the filename of your photo surrounded by HTML Tags and looking something like this:

Posting #5.jpg

To switch between seeing a thumbnail of your photo, and the filename of your attachment in HTML Tags, click on the Advanced/Basic Editor button, also known as the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. If you keep clicking this button, you’ll switch back-and-forth between the two editing modes.

The mode you want is the mode where the button itself is white-ish in color and you can see a small version of your photo in your New Post dialog box. In “Advanced” mode the button will turn blue and you will see the filename of your photo in HTML Tags. I’m not going to go into what HMTL Tags are, or how to use them, that’s for another time. For now, click the Advanced/Basic Editor button, in the upper-left corner of your screen, until you see a small version of the photo you want to post:

Posting #6.jpg

Put your cursor on this version of the photo you want to post and double-click. Doing so will open the “Image Settings” dialog box:

Posting #7.jpg

I like to use the options for “Center” and “Large” personally, but remember how I suggested you resize your photo to 1,000 pixels on the long edge? Well this is where you can apply different settings, including how large you photo will appear in your post, if you want. I encourage you to experiment to find what suits you. I think the labels on the buttons should be pretty self-explanatory. When you’re done with this dialog box, click on the “OK” button at the bottom and you’ll be returned to your New Post dialog box with a preview of how your post will look. As you can see, my photo of the Peanut Butter fish is much larger than it was before. Your photo should appear much larger as well, assuming you chose the "Large" size.

If you think your image looks TOO big, double-click on it again to re-open the “Image Settings” dialog box and try using the “Medium” or “Small” setting instead.

I’ll demonstrate how I put a title under my photos in case you want to do the same. Copy what I’ve done here, using the title of your photo and put that title inside the HTML Tags as shown. If you did NOT use the “Center” option in the “Image Settings” dialog box, do NOT use the
tags at all, just type in your title.

Posting #9.jpg

Use the “Preview Post” button to make sure you like how your post is going to look and/or make any necessary changes...

Posting #10.jpg

Once everything looks good, click the "Submit" button. Doing so will immediately make any spelling and grammatical errors jump out at you, so that's nice.

Then, finally... Kick back and revel in your glorious photo display mastery!