Hi from Central US


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Good afternoon everyone.

I’m new on this forum, so just introducing myself. I’ve been into photography for several decades, an interest that my dad kindled in me when I was just a kid. I’m strictly amateur but I do enjoy it.

I’ve had numerous cameras along the way, some instamatic-types with 110 film cartridges, the Polaroid instant-developing kind, a few point-and-shoot, a Pentax K-1000 back in the day, digital cameras starting at a whopping 1 megapixel and up from there. And, of course, now my trusty iPhone. Couple yrs ago I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D5500 with a couple lenses. Life got in the way for a while, and I’m now trying to get better acquainted with that one. I have a set of extension tubes on the way, that should be fun.

I’m in the central US, surrounded mostly by the great outdoors. Some reasonable mountains, lots of forest, lakes, etc. Not much urban or street scene but a few small downtowns of moderate interest. A fair distance from any real dark-sky sites.

Other than photography, my hobbies include music and woodworking. I’ve played guitar a bit along the way, and I build some furniture, turn some pens, etc. in a modest workshop at my home. A little CNC work as well.

I have a question about one of my lenses, which I’ll post on the Lenses area of the forum.

Sorry for the long-winded intro. I’ve posted the same intro on another Nikon-based forum, so you may have deja-vu reading this. Glad to be here.

Thx, rink.