HELP Play and Menu buttons not working


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Thank you so much. I haven't used my camera in months because nothing worked. I got out some pliers and pulled out the button next to the view finder and like magic my entire camera came back to life. I am so happy right now!!! Thanks again.


Glad we were able to help solve your problem.

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My back screen will not work. I have tried everything mentioned here. I accidentally found that if I press down two buttons at the same time while turning on the camera the MENU lights up on the back screen. Once I let go of either button I am back to black back LCD screen and none of the MENU, Info, playback buttons will light up the back screen. People mention factory reboot and when I follow directions it won't flash on and off in top area so that suggests it's not factory rebooting.

Any other ideas? I am thinking it's a software issue. I cleaned every button and ran a toothpick around each one as well.