Hello from New Haven!


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Hello Nikonfans! I just got a Nikon Coolpix L110 and I would like to learn how to take the best ouf of it! I'm new in photography so I would be thankful if you please could suggest me some interesting links for basic instruction!


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First off, welcome to the site! Thanks for visiting. The best place to start is with the manual to understand how your camera works and what functions are available. Then shoot a lot! :)

What kind of pictures do you want to take? That will help us help you.


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For general photography education I can recommend the book "understanding exposure" by Bryan Peterson. You can order his latest edition from Amazon. It will really help you understand the exposure triad: ISO, shutter speed and aperture. It will also help you with learning the basics of taking a creatively correct exposure.

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Welcome New Haven to Nikonites, that is a great suggestion from Mark on the book, everyone that wants to take good pics needs to start with the basics, some of us from the old days had to choice (no auto) and I have never been sorry I learned that way. You can also google digital or basic photography, there is ton's of info free.