Hello from an OAP


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I am a 79 years young ex software developer, Garage Owner. Race/Rally driver and a Licensed pilot of light aircraft since my 17th birthday thanks to having won a flying scholarship from my schools RAF Combined Cadet Force Squadron, thereby having the RAF pay for me to learn to fly at Oxford over one memorable Easter holiday, so I have I have indulged in many different things over my span of many years, and have travelled quite widely, mostly for business reasons of one sort or another, but I always took a camera with me to record the places of interest I discovered during my travels in far off places. I even managed to live (on the beach) just outside Tampa in Florida, in the good ole US of A for a period of ten years when I was 46 ( to 56)

I have been involved with Photography to a normal extent over many of those years, especially during the Racing and flying years, but they were many years ago now, and were all with color print or slide film, so my foray into Digital Photography is something quite new to me. I have use Photoshop over quite a few years, (and indeed Bridge more recently, although I would not consider myself any form of expert, but with things like progressive replacement and the other new AI features the Adobe are adding to their products, it is becoming progressively easy to achieve decent results with even poorly setup digital RAW files, and that is something I do enjoy as a by product of my photography with the new Nikon D5600.

I hope that I will not just be asking questions here, but also perhaps providing some of my expertise in Photoshop etc to be able to help others in the forums here, and once I master the new camera. the world will be my oyster as they say.