BF Hammer

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Anybody who loads a page on the site without logging in first. Many people will search for an answer to a question but don't want to register on a forum just to ask 1 question.

Then there are all the spam-bots.

Fred Kingston

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@Marilynne is correct... Forum software is geared toward earning revenues... as such, forum software is all about traffic metrics...and they all come pre-loaded with bots for every advertising platform in the universe... When I set my forum up, my software came pre-loaded with over 175 different advertising bots ... An example... If you contract with the NY Times...they have their own bot... It's sort of like "E.T. Call Home"... Unless the owner decides they're never going to sell advertising, the only way to eliminate them is to go into that section of the software and delete all of them... or at least the ones you don't use... I imagine JDeg hasn't gotten around to that...


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There are a bunch of spammers whose accounts get automatically rejected - and they repeatedly apply as new member accounts which is an unending process. Those might show up as guests.