Dim EVF on Z5


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I saddled up the old Z5 yesterday to try and get a few ladybug pictures in the back yard. When I went to focus, I discovered the EVF (as well as the back display) was extremely dark. I was in manual mode, and had the flash attached. I could get the EVF to brighten, but only by increasing the exposure to match a proper ambient light exposure. Normally, I have a properly exposed EVF display when in manual mode and flash attached regardless of exposure settings. I went through a number of things and couldn't get it to display properly.

I was about to despair of another expensive equipment failure when I noticed the flash wasn't quite fully seatedin the flash shoe. I fully seated it and all was well. I found this a little odd because the flash had been firing, which led me to believe that the camera knew the flash was connected. I guess not all the contacts were connecting, but some were.

I decided to post this in case someone else runs into this and might end up wasting a lot of time trying to figure it out.

BTW, I did manage to get a decent ladybug picture before she got bored and flew off.

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