Diffusion dome or index card?


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The sensor is a tiny switch that protrudes from the flash head of the SB-800 (near the front edge, on the bottom). Placing the diffusion dome on the head compresses the switch. I made a tiny hole in the rim of the dome so that the switch stays out. I can rotate the dome 180˚ and the side without the hole will compress the switch as originally designed.
Interesting the defuser dome on my SB 800 installs only one way.


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Interesting the defuser dome on my SB 800 installs only one way.

You are absolutely correct... my mistake. I can lift that side of the diffuser slightly so the intact plastic between the tiny hole I made and the edge of the diffuser depresses the switch. From memory, I thought I flipped the diffuser around. That was what I initially thought would work, but did not.

With the diffuser pushed all the way on, the tiny hole I made allows the sensor switch to stay in the extended position:

With the diffuser lifted very slightly on the side the switch is on, the sensor switch is depressed:
I imagine if the hole was too large, a small, thin strip of plastic or card stock could be inserted under the diffuser to depress the switch...

Since I made the hole, I don't know if I've ever used it with the switch depressed as designed... I'm very happy with the way the altered set-up works for ceiling bounce, which is what I almost always use.
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Greetings! I haven't forgot about y'all, I've just been busy taking care of 3 older ladies (friends of ours).

I got the Rogue Flash Bender 2 (small) and had a chance to try it out a little bit today. It seems to throw a nice, even blanket of light so there are no "hot spots" in the photo. I just used the TTL setting on the flash and Auto on the camera. I think that will work well for candid "grandkid" photos around the house next week.

Thanks for your suggestions and input. Happy (and safe) holidays to all!


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I used the Rogue Flash Bender 2 (small) photographing our grandson around the house and was very pleased. It seems like much more even lighting and natural colors than using the small built-in flip-up flash. I'm no pro, but I'm happy with it. Here is one my wife took: