D750 promo video leaked early


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Well I haven't watched all these videos yet! Lol But here is my take on it so far! I more interested in the tilt screen than I started off being, and I think I might even like that feature that I was set against at first. I can also see why they came out with that sb-500, as it seems designed for this Nikon's video abilities. Not being interested in videos, makes this Nikon not that attractive, since it has a lot in it geared for video. It's being light weight is not high on my lists either, which I imagine would be very handy if shooting videos. I honestly think this would be a great camera for those photographers who swing both ways, shooting video as much as they take photos! Lol ;)
For me this camera seems over all to be wrong for me at this price range(even if I had the money to blow). The D700 ,one of the D8xx series, or one of the D4 line up would suit my needs/preferences better.
But for those of you who really like the D5xxx series and want to go full frame, this Nikon model might work out perfectly for you! :) Similar light weight designs, video inclined design, moveable screen, and I bet it would have a similar feel except for being bigger(just a guess). :)


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The D750 does look a good camera. I'm glad that I waited & didn't buy the D610 last month, if I had, I'd be feeling pretty sick now. The D750 price is coming in at only a few hundred more than the D610. It was obvious to me that something was going to happen to affect the D610 due to the price discounting & offers on the D610 last month. I took this to mean a D620, but the D750 does seem to be an upgrade on the range.

For specification, the D750 sits a lot better & if I owned, say a D7100, I really would feel that the D750 was an upgrade, whereas the D610 looked one step forward & one step back to me. As a prospective buyer (I was specifically waiting for the D750), I am impressed with the new model & would have bought one - had I not talked myself already into the D810. The better AF, metering & rear LCD (on the D750) is enough to make it sell well in my opinion & I hope that it improves Nikon's sales. In the end, my preference for landscapes & macro has helped me decide on the D810 mainly due to the ISO 64 & 36mp. I am very glad that I waited & very thankful to the forum members for the high level of quality advice given over the past month.


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OK I just watched the rest of the videos posted! Lol I loved the behind the scenes video best. Very well done to see how the Nikon was used. The videographer is very very talented for sure, organizing his vision into cohesion so well!
But I still stand by my first posted opinion of this Nikon. It is impressive in it's own way, but I still think other models would be better suited for my needs/preferences. :)

I also still think the D5xxx series users who love their d5xxx, but are interested in moving to a FX, that this Nikon may work out awesome for them! They even improved the grip, which was a negative point on my D5100 for me! Lol :)

Why did I write these posts? I don't have a flipping clue! Lol :D
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