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Hey guys i have my camera blinking F-- i tried 3 different lenses same issue. When i set to manual i hear shutter working but pictures are very dark. I dont recall dropping ever. Any help would be appreciated. I am sure not the first nor the last with this issue.


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  • If you see 'F' error message on your Nikon D7000, D7100, D850 or other camera, this can indicate a lens issue. Either the camera lens is not connected properly or the non-CPU lens is attached. Solution: Remove and reattach the camera lens ensuring that it fixes properly. It's recommended to use a CPU lens, such as NIKKOR lenses type D, E and G.

Another search

Camera and Video Technician: MaryW0216
Please turn the camera off and remove the battery.
Remove the lens.
Re-install the lens, making sure there is a proper fitment.
Re-install the battery and power on the camera.
If that does not work, follow the same procedure only this time, wipe the contacts on the lens with a smooth, dry cloth. It is quite common for oils from the skin to cause a contact issue.
You will also want to clean the gold contacts inside of the camera when you remove the lens. You can do this safely with a dry q-tip.
When the camera comes back on, you may still see the ERR message. Hit the shutter button to see if it clears.
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It sounds like there is a communication issue between the camera and lens. As Sparky mentioned, when using a lens with an aperture ring, that ring needs to be set to the smallest aperture (usually f/22 or higher depending on the lens). You control/change the aperture only through the camera. There might even be a lock switch on the lens to lock the aperture at that setting so you don't accidentally bump it.

If you aren't using lenses with aperture rings, then consider cleaning the contacts inside the body cavity. I had that issue with my 300mm f/4 PF. In addition to cleaning the contacts on the lens, I also VERY CAREFULLY cleaned the contacts inside the body with this technical use alcohol. It is NOT designed for sanitizing - just cleaning so it works better than traditional rubbing alcohol. I was able to remove more black stuff from my contacts with the technical use alcohol that didn't come off with rubbing alcohol.

Be sure to use a lint free cloth. I used one that I purchased as a packaged set via Amazon for cleaning eyeglasses.




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i have tried 3 different lenses and having same issue also cleaned the contacts on camera and lenses. The lenses do have aperture rings on them they are set to the right amount i am able to lock switch on the lens. Issue continues. Anybody else had this on their d7000 nikon camera? thanks all.


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You might try a factory reset and if that fails you might try this, it has resolve several problem since it was first posted.

Not sure if this is relevant to this make/model, but on Canon body, I was able to reset things by doing the following: 1. Switch off, 2. remove battery and card 3. switch on 4. Hold down the shutter for at least 15 seconds 5. switch off 6. re-instal battery and card 7. switch on and keep your fingers crossed.
It worked for me and cleared unusual issues I was having with it.
This was apparently a suggestion from a technician in one of their factories and was not widely known in the public domain. It makes you wonder if this is what they do when people send their cameras in for a repair costing a fortune:confused:
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r28 is not an error. It's telling you you're able to take another 28 images before the buffer fills up and the shutter will stop responding. You could probably fire off 50-60 shots before that 28 drops to zero.

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Hey guys i have my camera blinking F-- i tried 3 different lenses same issue. When i set to manual i hear shutter working but pictures are very dark. I dont recall dropping ever. Any help would be appreciated. I am sure not the first nor the last with this issue.

The "F--" error is a communication error between the camera and lens CPU.

We know you are getting the error on a D7000, but let's not forget the other half of the error. Please tell us exactly which 3 lenses you are getting this error on. The D7000 is not universally compatible with every vintage lens, in fact AF-P series lenses are mentioned in the user manual as being incompatible.

Something to check out here... https://www.stellarinfo.com/article/nikon-dslr-error-code-messages-and-fixes.php#error2

As I read that I was reminded about making certain you are dialed in to "A" or "M" mode to use some vintage lenses (as in Ai series). There are also some manual lenses that need to be modified with a feeler lever to work on newer SLR bodies so they can detect the f-stop setting.

1 more thing...in M mode if the photos are too dark, switch to slower shutter speed and/or higher ISO. The camera is depending on you to calculate the correct exposure in Manual mode.
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Just HOW COME the af-p lenses can be incompatible with ANY DX Nikon??? Having in a view the fact a half of cameras from the 3..., 5... and 7... series are sold with 18-55 millimeter f:3.5-5.6 as a kit-combo...