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Autofocus - A1 AF-C priority selection - release - Focus + release - Release + focus - Focus. My question is which of these settings do most bird photograhers set their to. I currently have a D7200 and use Focus for both AF-C & AF-S priority selection. After watching a few videos on the D500 their seems to be a number of people that prefer Release + subject. They gave stated they you keeper rate will be the highest on this setting. Any opinion on this.

* I have a D500 that looks like I can purchase so this would be helpful info for me.


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I *think* the majority of users set the D500 to release when using AF-C. I used to do that until I ran into trouble with my 300mm f/4 PF (due to my 1.7x TC). Literally everything was really soft or out of focus. So I switched it to focus (while still using AF-C). Now I can fire in continuous providing my focus point is on my subject. There are times when it won't fire. Other times I miss my intended target which focuses on something behind or in front of my subject causing my subject to be out of focus while another area in the image is in focus. But I know most people don't set their bodies this way. For my problem, it's helped immensely. I also have the focus point enabled on my playback screen so I can see where my focus point landed.