d3300 get out of sports mode to manual mode

I have a D3300 using it in sports mode to shoot out door beach volley ball.
I need advice to set up for manual mode.
d3300 standard lens 18-55 dx vr and NIKON DX VR af-p 70-300 4.5-6.6ED

BF Hammer

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Information here is lacking. So I have to guess and make assumptions as to your intentions. I think you are asking how to use manual mode for shooting beach volleyball outdoors instead of using the auto mode.

Rotate mode dial to "M". Set ISO to 100 as a base and activate auto-ISO to help here. Fast action normally requires a fast shutter speed. 1/1000 may be your starting point. Adjust slower if you are too dark or too noisy in the image at the widest aperture setting. Your goal will be to set the aperture at f/8 and adjust lower if needed. Take test shots when nothing much is happening and use the camera's histogram as your guide for increasing or decreasing the exposure amount. Nothing is set in stone, you adjust to the conditions.

Personally, I likely would shoot this myself in S mode (shutter-priority auto-exposure), set the shutter speed high and let the camera calculate the rest. With Auto-ISO on the camera has more ability to adjust before forcing a slower exposure. Almost certainly the Sports preset is using that mode, but you lose the ability to select your shutter speed yourself. The less decisions you have to make as action is happening, the better IMHO.


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