Best shot of the Day


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We went to the Jacksonville Zoo today, nice place! I took my new Nikon D5300, Three lenses and a spare battery and a fun day taking pictures of the zoo creatures. Here is what I consider to be the best shot of the day:



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I apologize if I come across as hyper critical or a jerk, I'm not real good at critiquing. I'd say 6/10. I like the picture and it is something that I would probably share online, but I don't think it'd be a great print for the following reasons:

1. Focus seems "off". When I zoom in there aren't any details on the feathers. This could be because of the download, or my computer though.
2. Whites are blown out.
3. Shadows are distracting. The one over the eye and the crest (?) are the biggest concerns.

If I were to crop it, I would crop some off of the top and the right side. This would open up the left side a little to follow his (or her?) gaze. The crop is not too big of a concern for me because I don't feel that it being centered in the photo is bad.