Battery Issue...Perhaps


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To save time I've linked a picture of what I've asked on Twitter recently...

Also, my on/off switch is a little stiff, while I don't mind it myself I do wonder of it may become a problem in the future?

Sorry if these seem like silly questions, like I said I am VERY new to the world of photography, my camera is second hand from eBay and I'm yet to mark the guy for it.


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Ruidoso Bill

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Since the D40 has been around for some time, there is no way to tell the age or condition of the batteries. I would buy two fresh new batteries and not worry about it. Welcome to Nikonies.


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Thank you for the welcome and thanks again for any advice... The main reason I asked is that the camera is fairly dusty, almost like a small layer of plaster dust, I'm wondering if this is what's causing the stiff on/off