Back in the saddle


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After a long layoff after the death of my son in law I did a boudoir shoot for a woman who advertised on Craig's List. Not a bad gig,, $250 for about 90 minutes worth of work! The old tried and true D700 and 85mm f/1.4 AIS delivers again! I think I like her better with more understated makeup.

Cassie M.jpg

Cassie M1.jpg


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The second says much more with much less. It would be a revealing test to see which one her partner prefers.


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Glad you are back shooting--very sorry for your circumstances though. That is so difficult for anyone to go through.

She's a beautiful lady but I agree with the others that the first is a little too much makeup. Like wev said, it will be interesting to hear which one her partner prefers...and her too for that matter.


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Nice shots but the second one is more flattering. The first emphasizes what it nearest to the camera, her hips, which changes her proportions. Having her head closer and hips further would have changed that shot completely. Did you use a MUA? Having someone who knows what makeup works with what lighting, helps, there is a big difference between street and stage, and photo makeup. Xeon flash reacts differently to street makeup than sunlight.