Anyone owned both the D7200 and D7100?


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@TwistedThrottle, Thanks for your detailed reply. It is worth noting that I did multiple tests on a sturdy tripod indoors and still got poor results. The focus appears to be spot on by using the ruler tests as well. So this leaves me perplexed as to why all four different lenses didn't achieve any acceptable results.

Given that I really have no time left to investigate further due to the 14 day money back guarantee, I am really left with no option but to return the camera. This is really annoying as I would have loved to get to the bottom of the issue.
It takes time to calibrate every lens with that camera, I think there’s a bank of 20 it’ll remember and the best ones I found were the ones that went beyond that global adjustment the camera offers using those usb lens docks. Since time isn’t on your side and the D800 is long in the tooth anyways, I’d return it too, if I could.

Fred Kingston

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There were 5 versions of the D8XX series. There were significant differences between the ISO ranges

D800 Anti-aliasing filter, ISO 100-6400

The following D8XX had NO Anti-aliasing filter,

D800e ISO 100 - 6400
D810a ISO 200 - 12,800
D810 ISO 64 - 12,800
D850 ISO 64 - 25,600

The D800 was closer to the D7200 than it was to the D810


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Which lens was this? And was the lens calibrated to the camera?
Fred, it was all my lenses and the fact the the issue of un sharp images was even there when I manually focused on a tripod, made me think it was pointless to calibrate them.

The camera is now boxed and awaiting the courier to collect and hopefully refund me without any quibble 🤞. Although I would like to hear their opinions :confused: