Any suggestions to match these images?


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Your best bet would be to take some images and test different things. IMO gray scale is usually best if you have a wide range, everything from black to white. The image of the two women appears to have had the blacks saturated or the black point moved. Sure others can provide better answers.

Fred Kingston

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I got his free sample and did one image in all.
HDR Silver 1 is my favorite. Looking at the lettering on the propeller. The only change I did in any image was tweaking the exposure.

What do you think?????? Do you like it????? ;)

I like it because his stuff is very refined and gets me in the ballpark very quickly...

Dawg Pics

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NIK Tools Silver Efex will get you there as well. It has presets and adjustments. If you increase the "structure," it highlights the textures and gives you that kind of look with hard edges.