A Guide to Model Releases


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ASMP also has a free template that you can download. Check the right sidebar, there are other goodies in there as well, like a Property Release and ideas for getting signatures (which has been brought up here recently as well):

ASMP - Model Release



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American photographers venturing into the business community for revenue purposes should always consider a few simple facts:

The USA has more lawyers than the rest of of the world combined. On average, their income is far above that of photographers.

We are a litigious society. Family sues family, friends sue friends, neighbors sue neighbors. When it comes to civil liability, here are no innocents.

Few Americans have liability insurance coverage to defend them from civil lawsuits if a hired model trips and breaks a leg or a bride feels her wedding was ruined because photos sucked.

Protect yourself. Use current liability release forms (case law does change) for all activities where you derive income for providing services.