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    Post your Raptors

    Here was a goshawk I've been stalking around town. I look out my patio door and it's sitting in a tree. It turned out to be the largest Coopers Hawk I've ever seen. Too bad it was 45 yards away.
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    Post your Birds in Flight

    This one didn't turn out quite right. No crop on this and just didn't look right. I tried reprocessing below.
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    Post your Birds in Flight

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    Post your Birds in Flight

    some super long large swallows
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    Post your Firework Photos

    I got stuck way too close and had to use a 10mm Roko. It turned out ok but the Zeiss 35mm f/2 Distagon is much better lens. Next Corn Festival I will be better prepared and secure a better spot.
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    Post your Moths & Butterflies

    I was bored waiting for a hawk to fly by. This was taken at about 60ft with a 600mm f4 and a TC 2.0 III (I just got it and wanted to try out).
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    Post Your D500 Shots

    I'm trying to get the PP down on these fireworks shots and here are two more with a lot of export sharpening and two after that with minimal. Less export sharpened.
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    Post Your D500 Shots

    This really shines at night.
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    What do you shoot warblers in the fall woods with?

    The 80-400 G not so good for this, I've got a 300 f/2.8 edif with af'ing TC, 70-300 vrg (worse than 80-400G), and 600mm f4 (kinda heavy). I'm just curious what everyone is using. I'm leaning towards a 300 f/2.8 VR which (with TCIII 1.4x and 2.0x &600 f4) would let me get rid of all my EDIF MF...
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    Post your Birds in Flight

    barn swallows
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    Post your Moon Shots

    The moon kicked my butt tonight. All the good stuff was on the right side.
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    Impressive high ISO performance

    Not a real sexy shot but here is a processed (mild) and noise reduction processed (kind of crushed) at 65000 iso.
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    Post your birds (2)

    Some from nygren wetlands.
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    Post your Moths & Butterflies

    Nygren Wetlands
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    Post your Frogs, Toads and Amphibians!

    A small frog at Amboy Marsh.
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    osprey pics

    I was investigating the death of a chick at one of the nests I monitor and took these. All chicks fledged but one of the three seems to have flown into the structure under the nest. The coons worked the carcass over pretty badly so I'm not sure what they'll do with the body. This is a unique...
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    Milky Way

    Morris, IL last night (60 miles SW of Chicago)not sure what happened but they look 1000x better on facebook
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    3rd party battery grips for d500

    anyone using one?