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    autumn pics

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    Post your Portrait shots!

    Took these the other day. Very hard to chase this little girl, she was all over the place. None were posed, just mom and dad telling her to come to them while running on the grass. I am just glad to have such a photogenic subject.
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    Umbrella Tree

    Took this pic of an umbrella tree in Costa Rica a couple of weeks ago. This was shot out of a moving car window at about 50kph.
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    D610 Video Question.

    Can someone tell me if I can use auto ISO in video mode. I am filming a play and the lighting is all over the place.
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    Post your macro photos here

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    Post your macro photos here

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    Post your macro photos here

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    Post your macro photos here

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    Post your macro photos here

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    Post your Moths & Butterflies

    Re: Lets see your Moths & Butterflies
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    Post your Train shots!

    I think this is the only train pic I have in my library, lol
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    Post your Tree Photos !

    Whats funny about this pic is when I took it, I did not see the face. I was after the texture if the tree.
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    Post your Tree Photos !

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    Road to Nowhere

    Took this last week up on Mt. Evans Colorado.
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    I took this last night at a small venue. This is Clay Cook, who is a member of the Zac Brown Band.
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    I shot this with a 35mm 1.8 DX lens on my D610. I was playing with wide aperture.... She was not really posing, she was trying to give me the evil eye because all she wanted was to eat her smore LOL!
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    Trying Black & White Today