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    55-300 or 70-300 ?

    Thanks Tina, I think I must be one of the lucky ones as it turned up on 28th June and I love it! ........I was sweating a lot before it came as I read all the same reviews as you AFTER I had ordered it and it disappeared off the site as well! Here is a recent pic taken with it. Heather
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    Delta Lady

    Went out today with my new 55-300 to see the Vulcan Bomber doing a display about 20 miles away. Really pleased with the results so far. (thanks to all for advice!) .....was absolutely awesome to see and hear! All C&C gratefully received! Heather #1 #2.....this is how low it came! #3 #4
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    I fear the onset of NAS......

    WOO HOO!!!:D The nice DHL man brought my 55-300VR yesterday but the light was bad last night:( Tonight was a nice evening so I went to my local beach and found some kite surfers playing. I think I am going to like this lens!:D Heather
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    Last Letter Game

    IR Waterfall L Heather
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    I fear the onset of NAS...... I have been playing with other lenses and need my own! I would like the extra reach of a 300mm having tried a 55-200mm nikkor but am budget constrained (as I'm sure everyone is) SO opinions please on Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 DG Macro against Nikkor 55-300mm AF-S G ED VR or any other...
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    Alfa Romeos at Goodwood

    Went to my local motor circuit on Saturday and found a load of Alfa owners showing off. I shot about 130 pics and ended up with 15 keepers which I was well pleased with. Had a go at panning which I soon discovered is not quite as easy as I thought! Had a great day with the added bonus of it...
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    Leaving Mull

    This was taken from the ferry as I was leaving the Isle of Mull, in the most sun I had seen all week! (......still had a great time though!) All comments gratefully received! Heather EXIF 1/1250s, F9, ISO 400
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    Beach huts (again)

    Had another look at this in P/S. Cloned out the object in the foreground, cropped a bit more from the left side to tidy it up and didn't straighten it this time! I think it looks better, how about you?
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    Boo hoo!

    Got my D40 and took it to Scotland to get used to it but discovered it had LOTS of dust in the body!!!:mad: I suspect the person I got it from had left the lens off without a body cap in place! I'm not a happy bunny! Lucky for me my friend said I could use his spare D40 he had with him (and...
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    ....a friends D90 and big lens (very scary!) and caught this oystercatcher on her nest with him doing the drive past and me hanging out of the car window! She was quite happy with cars passing by but flew off if they stopped or people got out.( even if we hid really well!) All crit and...
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    First pic with D40

    Hi, couldn't wait to get out today and try out my new aquisition! I'm very lucky to be 5 mins away from the beach even if it is not a very exciting one! Hope I have done this right as I'm a bit of a computer numpty!:D EXIF 1/640s, f6.3, iso 200.
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    Hello from the sunny south coast UK

    Woo Hoo! My D40 arrived today and I am off to Scotland on friday, so not much time to get used to it!:rolleyes: My name is Heather and I started off last october with a Panasonic FZ45 after only ever having small point and shoot cameras(and never using them properly!) I have now learnt more...