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    Exposure with white background..

    Guys: Just eager to know how do you handle situations in events, wherein you have the subjects closer to white background while using strobes, specifically we do not have the option of moving the subject away from the background. Thank you..
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    Godox AD200 with flashmeter

    Guys, I recently had a situation wherein I needed to shoot in bright sunlight, where in I used my AD200 attached to a parabolic softbox, and when I tried metering it with flash mode on in the light meter, the Sekonic L-308, could not meter any reading. But when I tried to meter it in shade, it...
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    Adjusting the opacity of a preset in Lightroom

    Guys: I found a preset named, Fader in one of the Youtube videos, may be you will find it useful. It is a plugin to adjust the opacity of the preset used. It is a free plugin and can download it from their page.
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    Exposure chart needed

    Guys, I googled and could not find an exposure chart in a printable format. It will be greatly helpful if someone posts the chart, which consists of Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO at least with their full stops in it. This will help me to memorize the stops. Thank you.
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    Alcohol consumption post vaccination

    Guys: Any idea as to how long one should abstain from alcohol after taking COVID vaccination. Googled, and still did not found any useful links :confused::confused:.
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    Exposing for bird photography

    I see birds many times are captured flying in sky. Since the sky will be brighter than the subject, is it always the photographer will expose for the sky and only later in postprocessing, he would brighten up the subject (bird) or any other tips to expose for the subject. I am just curious to...
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    Struggling with white balance

    I feel I am still struggling with White Balance and it is becoming a night mare. Let us leave post processing and using grey cards for white balance. I see professionals nailing their white balance, right at the camera. Even while using Kelvin and trying to match the ambient white balance...
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    White Balance Query

    Guys, I feel the white balance of especially the skin tones are too warm in this camera. Even if I adjust the overall white balance of the whole picture in Raw, the skin tones I feel, are still warm. Please share your thoughts.
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    Importing DCP profiles in Lightroom

    Guys, I am using Lightroom Classic CC 8.2.1 version. I want to import Nikon DCP profiles (which are in .DCP format) for some of my presets. I tried copying them in many different locations but still the DCP profiles are not showing up in the profiles section. Please guide me through this process.
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    Guys, any good name suggestion for Photography Business

    Guys, kindly suggest some nice, simple and attractive names for starting photography business. I am not interested in starting it with people names though. Please suggest me with words like Studio 8, Smile, Moments etc., Thanks a lot...
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    Using high speed sync on Nikon D7000

    Hi I tried using AutoFP 320 to achieve high speed sync with Neewer 750II flash with a shutter speed of 1/1000 and got banding, also I tried the same with Godox SK 400II strobe and still got banding issue. Is there anything I am missing here...Please advice.
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    Grandpaw's Top 100 tips for D7000 - available as PDF?

    @grandpaw, thanks a lot for this compilation. It was very useful to start with now a couple of years back when I found it in the forum.. @WhiteLight Thank you for the PDF bro....
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    Hi from India

    Hi Guys, Happy to be here in Nikonites.