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    Tabletop Photography......Looking for Suggestions

    No, I shot in JPEG and just finished doing an auto color correct in IrfanView. How do these look now. Marcel, The backdrop was gray. Thanks for the help! John
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    Tabletop Photography......Looking for Suggestions

    The Camera Club was a lot of fun! There were some pretty knowledgeable people there willing to share their knowledge and there lighting set ups. All critiques welcome Thanks! John
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    Tabletop Photography......Looking for Suggestions

    Hey all, I am new to DSLR Photography and I have been reading and studying and taking lots of pictures to try and improve my photography. I am joining a Camera Club tonight. There are pros and armatures alike in this club and tonight's meeting is tabletop photography. Any suggestions for...
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    Post your snow shots

    Be aware that I am very new to this so I am looking for critique and advice. Shot out in my yard with my D5100 and the kit lens 15-55mm Nikkor f/5.6 ISO-800 50mm Thanks! John
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    Marcel's Daily pics 2013

    Marcel, That is an awesome shot. The texture is Breathtakingly beautiful!!! Great Job! John
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    One of my First Pictures with My New Nikon - Grandaughter

    Thanks unkyjohn! Is this better for contrast and brightness. Thanks for that program fotojack :encouragement:
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    One of my First Pictures with My New Nikon - Grandaughter

    I am new to digital Photography and any advice for a better shot would be greatly appreciated. I did not have my speedlight yet so the onboard flash was used. Thanks! John PS I realize this is not even in the same league with the others posted here, I am trying to learn better photography.
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    Newbie From Wisconsin

    Hi All, I am new to the forum and to DSLR Photography. I picked up a Nikon D5100 and I am interested in learning how to take professional looking photos. I take a lot of photos of Woodworking related stuff as my first hobby is Woodworking. Thanks for hosting this site! John