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  1. BF Hammer

    D850 off-road motorbike durability

    I would buy used and inexpensive. Even then you will need to keep in a well sealed case for the dirt. The weather seals on a D850 are about rain, not dust. ps: April fool?
  2. BF Hammer

    Got a Z5 last week

    Welcome aboard! If you are truly that new, you have a solid starting kit. I would guess you would want some zoom lenses in time, but just trying things out with the 50mm and learning what interests you is a help for what focal length lenses you would want in time. Z5+50mm is not a bad way to go...
  3. BF Hammer

    And sometimes the bear eats you

    I certainly know the feeling of a photo that does not meet my expectations. But those are both wonderful photos. Only you know how you imagined this to work out. Rest of us just see the result. ;)
  4. BF Hammer

    Vietnam Veterans Day 2023

    We are technically still at war with North Korea. We have just been in an extended 70 year cease-fire agreement (that has had skirmishes here and there).
  5. BF Hammer

    Z9 Monitor Stopped Working

    I first read this after the solution, but was about to ask if the viewfinder was still displaying everything. Menus, photo review, basically anything shown on the rear screen also will display in the viewfinder. It would be enough to get that anniversary job done. Then I was going to remind...
  6. BF Hammer

    Extra Lenses

    @Clovishound He is using a D50, which has to be getting near 20 years old now. Low resolution crop-sensor body. A 28mm lens would be full-frame 42mm equivalent. Not that wide at all. Later model 18-55mm lenses with vibration-reduction would be my route to go. Sharpness to spare for that older...
  7. BF Hammer

    Tamron 150-600 G2 Decision Time

    I understand the Tamron G2 version is much more respected than the G1. I personally have the Sigma 150-600mm C and never have had any regrets over it.
  8. BF Hammer

    Is USB Dock a must for Sigma 150-600C + FTZ + z6ii?

    But your Z6 does not have an optical viewfinder like that note is referencing. And the lens would have had to be warehoused for over 2 years to not have 2019 firmware anyhow. Seem to remember many shortages of import items back at that time.
  9. BF Hammer

    Is USB Dock a must for Sigma 150-600C + FTZ + z6ii?

    I have the dock. I used it once. It is not really needed. I had 2 other Sigma lenses at the time to update though, and since traded one of those in. If you check the firmware change log, I think there has only been 1 small update for Nikon F mount. Canon mount has had several others. You can...
  10. BF Hammer


    Me too, but I have enjoyed Jordan and Kris' YouTube channel. I understand they are jumping to a new home.
  11. BF Hammer

    D850...I have a D500

    A lot of good points presented so far. While the D850 is considered by many to be the best F-mount camera, that does not have to mean it is the best for you. Looking at your lenses, you basically have 2 full-frame lenses. Of course the DX lenses will work on a D850, but there is a cost/penalty...
  12. BF Hammer

    I thought I retired a tripod, but I just improved it now.

    What can I say. My older Sunpak tripod wanted to have a purpose again. This is a tripod that I had broken 6 years ago, sent in for warranty repair, and was inspired to at least replace the unstable pistol-grip head following that. I since bought a new tripod which I transplanted that...
  13. BF Hammer

    Time Change - Spring Forward 2023

    FYI, my Z5 was on correct time. I believe it auto changes if you check the DST box in the date-time menu.
  14. BF Hammer

    Time Change - Spring Forward 2023

    Yay, high-noon is now 1pm for over half the year. 😒
  15. BF Hammer

    Interesting moon shot

    I have seen it done with the ISS before. It was also famously framed up by somebody during the launch of the SLS moon mission last year. This photo set sure looks like it was using a telescope. Possibly a dedicated telescope astrophotography cam was used also.
  16. BF Hammer

    Computer upgrade for LR and possibly Topaz

    I cannot run Luminar on my vintage 2011 PC even with upgrade to 16GB RAM. I need a newer version of CPU for some extra command sets. Also need newer mainboard for Windows 11 update. But I am still good with RawTherapee and GIMP so I stretch the life a while longer. Have to replace a furnace...
  17. BF Hammer

    PSA, check your mounting plate.

    Sometimes going from warm car to cold outside also causes some uneven metal heat expansion situation. Not much required for a clamp-style attachment. Check and recheck as you work.
  18. BF Hammer


    Anybody who loads a page on the site without logging in first. Many people will search for an answer to a question but don't want to register on a forum just to ask 1 question. Then there are all the spam-bots.
  19. BF Hammer

    Planets March 1, 2023

    Thank you @Marilynne and @Bikerbrent. I have made big strides in recovery over 2 weeks and expect that to continue over another 1-2 weeks.
  20. BF Hammer

    Planets March 1, 2023

    I wanted to try. I took a fall 2 weeks ago and injured a knee. It is a very slow recovery, only returned to work Monday. It will be some time yet before I feel good enough to lug the astro-gear around.