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    D700 in studio shoot first shoot with my 24-70mm 2.8

    I love this D700 even more with this 24-70 lens!!! i just bought my D800 and cant wait to test it out in the studio!!!! any and all input is appreciated! :rugby:
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    55mm-300mm test

    im just going to say wow!!!
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    Upscale Nightclub Photography

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    best nikon diffusers to look into?

    any suggestions?
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    i need opinions samyang 85mm or mb600 which one should i purchase first!?

    ok i really want my lens bad!! but one of my photography buds suggested i grab my first speedlight to start practicing with. what should i do because i do need a flash but id rather have my lens, what do you as photographers suggest?
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    New Business card design

    hiya just wanted to get some feed back on my business cards. just finished them.
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    My nikonites gallery any opinions or tips?'s Images - Nikonites Gallery @ Home just wanted to get alittle feedback from the great photographers on this site and maybe some tips :)
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    im looking to invest in a great d90 bag

    mainly because i have added on the battery grip 3 lenses and im traveling to events. any suggestions?
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    85mm or 50mm lens

    hi everyone i have an event coming up and i wanted to have the 85mm but money wise i cannot afford it till next week should i get the 50mm since its cheaper for now? or should i just wait?
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    Hello from me :)

    hi im new here you can call me Tag for short :) love the d90 just got the camera last week and looking to expand my skills :) *waves*