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    Tokina 16-38 F2.8 FX Pro

    Just wondering if anyone else is using this lens and if you like it as much as I do.I stick the Tokina 16-28 on my D810
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    Can't focus after firmware update

    So I did the lovely firmware update,1.13 and now I have no auto focus on my two Sigma VR lenses.Once you install the update you can't go back to the 1.12 version.Guess I'll be selling two lenses.Next time I'll read the fine print.I also updated the D7100 and same thing. When will I learn.LOL
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    Boats Anyone

    On the Mississippi River
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    Sigma 120-300mm f2.8

    Is there anyone else here that shoots with the Sigma 120-300mm F 2.8 lens ?
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    Boats Anyone

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    Boats Anyone

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    Boats Anyone

    Seal and Boats
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    Boats Anyone

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    Hide out Hide in

    It's water proof,wind proof and will take a tripod with large lens(Sigma 120-300mmF2.8) too. What you think?
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    Can't Decide Nikon 85mmF1.4 or Nikkor 135mmF2d DC

    Oh ya,It's great for people too.
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    Can't Decide Nikon 85mmF1.4 or Nikkor 135mmF2d DC

    A couple for you,Blade Canyon
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    Could use some suggestions

    I going to take a few pictures at my great nieces wedding.The Lowpro 302 is fall.I'm taking the D810 and D7100.For lenses I'm taking the 50mm,85mm,135mm,11-16mm and the 70-200mm.The SB 700 speed flash with off camera cable.All this in the lowpro.Ha ha.Do I really need all these lenses,or do I...
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    Bending Light

    Straight out of the camera.My first attempt.
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    Old friends

    Please join in
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    Can't Decide

    Great idea.So I asked her and she shot me this look. I just don't understand women.Ha Ha
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    Can't Decide

    We're going to Bangor on Saturday.I would like to take all my lenses with me but I just don't have the room.It's a 4 Day trip.So I was thinking of taking the 120-300 F2.8 and the 85 F1.8.That I think will cover everything,2x convertor too.But,I don't like leaving the 135 F2 behind.Should I leave...
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    Post your flower pics

    Rain rain rain Lilly
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    Post your flower pics

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    Post your latest purchases.

    My Lens Cloths came!!!!!!!! And boy, do I need them.LOL