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  1. Snap Happy

    Shorncliffe Pier

    Hi there, I did a quick edit on the small file. Darkened the sky a little, added some warmth and just a touch sharpness, used the burn in tool and slight "S" curve. :-) No I don't live in Brisbane anymore, I moved down south to be with family. :-)
  2. Snap Happy

    A little Humor.... Wearing your camera to a costume party!

    Nikon d3 News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Gizmodo A little difficult to get through a narrow door? Maybe a fashion trend for the future? ;)
  3. Snap Happy

    Honest ISO with a D3

    ISO 3200 Only editing done from RAW file. Tonal Curves, Unsharp Mask. NO noise reduction or anything like that done. This Jpg was exported from Adobe Lightroom 2.5 as a TIFF and saved as JPG with Jasc Paintshop Pro.
  4. Snap Happy

    D2H Second Hand - Not Second Rate!

    Here are another few shots with the D2H from Eastern Creek Raceway I have also found that the D2H is a lot smoother/quieter and a bit lighter then the D3. Great camera, I am using it more and more.
  5. Snap Happy

    D2H Second Hand - Not Second Rate!

    Well I took my D2H out for a field test today (excuse the pun) Here are 2 photos. I do like this camera a lot. :-)
  6. Snap Happy

    D2H Second Hand - Not Second Rate!

    Hi there, I have been a Nikon D3 user for a while (well since they came out) and I was looking for a backup. I saw the D2H on ebay for $299.00 so I got it. I have taken only 20 or so photos, but after looking at the raw files, the way it handles, plus the fact I can use my D3 batteries with...
  7. Snap Happy

    F90 owners thread

    Here is my trusty F90x I shot this photo quite a while back. It is still my favorite 35mm SLR film camera to use.
  8. Snap Happy

    Joke - Humor - Seems some Canon users need help!

    1D3 Canon pro seeks therapy 1D3 Focus Problem - Canon 1DIII, 1DMKIII I had no idea that the release of Nikon's D3 would cause a mental breakdown of some Canon Users!
  9. Snap Happy

    Ok, time for me to officialy say "Hi!"

    G'day from Sydney Australia. I started taking photos in the 1970's, the first Nikon I used was in Camera Class, our teacher was a Nikon User. Loved them ever since. Though I have had many other cameras of other brands. I don't limit myself to just one brand. I worked in the...