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    Post your Photographing the photographer.

    Somebody shot me shooting our biennial Porsche Car Show.
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    Post Your D7200 Photos

    Rainy day yesterday, so I blew some bubbles.
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    Post your latest purchases.

    After 10 years with a Benro B1, it's time for an upgrade. The Gitzo 3382 arrives Wednesday.
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    Just bought 105 Macro lens

    I think you bought the ideal focal length for macro. I have a Tokina 100 2.8 that I purchased in 2011 that works great on my D7200. DX gives it a bit more reach and more DOF than shooting on my FX body. Most times I'm using a tripod, shutter release and MUP, with a small aperture (f/8 or lower)...
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    Rechargeable AA Batteries

    I've used the regular Eneloops for years in my 3 SB-800s and SB-500 and see no need to change. I recharge with this Watson unit. Allows you to drain and fully recharge the battery.
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    Nikon 200-500/5.6 VR Lens....... post your photos!

    From PCA Newbie Track Day @ Gateway ...with 1.4TC
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    Post Your Automotive Shots!

    Another PCA track day. With Kenko 1.4 TC.
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    Post your jails/prisons

    Missouri State Prison, Jefferson City, MO
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    July 4 Fireworks first (failed) attempt - need tips and suggestions

    Ditto on the shutter release. That plus practice and you'll get better and better. Here's one from a buddy's party last Saturday.
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    One from last night....
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    Robin- I've been shooting fireworks for a number of years and have two suggestions... Assuming you're using a tripod, first, try ISO 100. It will give you less noise and sharper photos. Second, stop down a bit. f/5.6 or f/8 are fine, especially if you have stuff in the foreground. No need to...
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    I like #3 - fireworks by themselves can get boring.