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    Was it just me last night?

    Or did anyone else have issues with the site? Last night, for several hours, the site was acting totally wonky for me. I'd log in, and I'd be sent to a page listing all the smilies. I'd click on the 'Forum" tab, and be sent to a random members' gallery. For a while, I would be directed to...
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    The Copyright text?

    It detracts from the image.
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    Doot.... doot.... dooooot,...... lookin out my back door.

    Had a huge temperature inversion last night, accompanied by a front bringing moist air. As a result, the screen in my back door looked like it had been dipped in water. I was struck by the multiple micro-lenses in the Tetris-like appearance. Nikon D600, Nikkor 200/4 Ai (yea, an oldie!) on...
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    Strange, but cool rendering in lightroom... please help..

    It's not an inversion. If it were, re-inverting it would render the image 'normal'. It doesn't. This is what you end up with if you do this: I call the effect 'posterization'.
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    Filter advise or app

    Photo Tools.
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    Would a external battery pack and a dummy battery work?

    I use an RC battery with my Sony s6300 on occasion.
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    D610 Cable Release Question

    From the D610 manual:
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    Dumb Jokes Posted Here.... if you dare.

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    feedbackplease: flowers on flowers

    Bring your white point down to about 215 or 220. Put a slight S into the curve and it'll really POP!
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    Cropping and Print Sizes

    I agree that the owl is the subject. Let's make it obvious.
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    External microphone & video settings

    It's actually incredibly easy. Start recording with both the camera and remote voice recorder. Stand in front of the camera and clap your hands three times. That's all you need to do while in the field. In post, drag both recordings into your editing app. Looks for 3 huge spikes at the...
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    Variable ND filter for Lanscape

    2 stops = ND4 3 stops = ND8 4 stops = ND16 5 stops = ND32 6 stops = ND64 7 stops = ND128 8 stops = ND256 8 2/3 stops = ND400 My guess is you'll start having issues with a Promaster around 7 stops/ND128. You'll likely start seeing a dark, out-of-focus X in your images.
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    I have been humbled.

    The 2017 Iowa State Fair Photography Salon reception was held earlier this afternoon. I found out I had all four of my entries accepted this year..... 3 of which garnered an award. Ten Tracks: Leaf in Suspension: Rustic Outside, Refined Inside: Java Joe's: I was one of only...
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    I need some help please!

    I was able to remove the blue from her nose with the clone & heal tools.
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    Tokina 100-300 5.6

    Wandered into the local brick-n-mortar camera store this morning and spied a mint-condition Tokina 100-300 f/5.6. My guess (based on the colors used) is late 70's/early 80's. They let me take it home for a test drive. Not a bad lens. Walked around the back yard to test it for sharpness...