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    D40 camera and Usb defect

    When I am plugging my D40 camera to the USB then an error is being shown. I am unable to view the files that are stored. What can be the reason?
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    cool features Nikon P100

    What is the best feature of P100? What are the advantages of buying this Nikon model?
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    Nikon camera to click photographs on vacations

    I want to click accurate pictures of my cousin who is an expert in skating. I attend may skateboard competitions which Nikon camera should I buy? Which Nikon camera should i buy?
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    Best SLR Nikon camera

    I am an amateur photographer. Which is the best SLR camera for a beginner?
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    D40 camera turned off

    My D40 camera is not switching on. I have charged the camera for 4-5 hours but still I am unable to switch on my camera. What should I do?
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    buy D5000 camera in Mexico

    I live in Mexico and I want to procure a D5000 camera. Where should I buy it from?
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    Video shooting Nikon camera

    I want a camera that is conducive for video shooting. Which is the best Nikon model?
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    D40 camera and desktop error

    When I am trying to connect D40 camera to my desktop it shows an error. I am unable to upload snaps. What should I do?
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    Nikon DSLR camera

    DSLR cameras are very expensive and a safe investment that can be made. Which model would you suggest? I am looking forward to learn photography?
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    Nikon SLR camera

    Nikon is famous for its SLR cameras. What is the unique selling point of the Nikon camera models?
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    best model (Nikon cool pix)

    Which is the best model (Nikon cool pix)? What are the features and where to buy the model?
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    Ten mega pixel Nikon camera for shooting

    Can I use ten mega pixel digicam for filming? Will I be able to shoot clearly?
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    cool Nikon case

    I wanted to a buy a nice case for D40 camera. Where should I buy it from?
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    Nikon action camera

    Which Nikon model is the best for clicking action shots?
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    Difference between D40 and D50

    What is the difference between D40 and D50 camera?
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    spilled oil on D40 camera

    I spilled olive oil on D40 camera. How do i clean it without spoiling the lens or the case of the camera.
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    waterproof Nikon camera

    I am going underwater diving with friends. Which Nikon camera will click photographs underwater?
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    want to click pictures from the best Nikon camera

    I have just delivered a baby girl and I want to click loads of pictures. Which Nikon model should I buy?
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    Is there a video camera in D5000?

    Is there a video camera in D5000? I wanted a camera tha will click snaps and also record films that i shoot.
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    Numbering on Nikon lens

    I wanted to learn the connection of numbers and the lens. I had gone to buy a Nikon lens but was confused with numbers like 35mm, 50 mm and so on.